What makes you do just one more rep when you are exercising alone?
What will keep you going when no one's looking while doing a workout DVD?

What will motivate you to work harder and get better?


Answer: TIME!

BCx uses time to boost intensity, making time your trainer and push you to work hard.



BCx encourages you to track repetitions and progress.


Answer: SUPPORT!

BCxers are encouraged to post times and progress in the forums and social media. You will be amazed what an amazing community is out there, ready to encourage you on a daily basis!


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And if you don't believe us, read testimonials and see to what others are saying about BCx.

"Where do I begin? BCx changed my whole way of thinking about diet and exercise, you can't do one without the other. The support from this program was amazing and that is what made me stick with it and loose 20lbs and keep it off!"
Dawn Borders, BCx at Home @ FitStudio.com


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