"Steve and Bonnie have an infectious passion for health and fitness and a genuine willingness to share their experience with everyone they meet. Their warmth and professionalism makes them impactful life coaches and trainers. With the two of them in your corner, you're sure to not only reach your goals, but also surpass them."

Chee Gates, Fitness Magazine



Steve Pfiester

Since 1995, Steve has made it his personal mission to stay ahead of the fitness trends, explore new training, try new tools, create fun workouts, and use his knowledge to get his clients results.


After years of teaching classes and doing personal training, he decided to take fitness to a new level. After he finished his first reality show, Fat March, on ABC, Steve began to get flooded with emails from people battling weight in hopes they could have a chance to be "forced" to lose weight - weight loss reality style. This is when he first had the thought of developing a boot camp program that offered the intensity and flare of reality TV with the accountability people needed. BCx boot camp was being born.


Over the years, Steve has taken his favorite workouts, his original boot camp program drills, traditional resistance training with a twist, kickboxing, power yoga, and his newer creative workouts and meshed them into one amazing program, called BCx.


While Steve was creating insane workouts, Steve's wife, Bonnie, was writing the BCx manual

to help their "cadets" learn more about diet and exercise - and be empowered by knowledge and understanding their body more.


Now their sharing their program with other clubs and trainers so more people can be impacted by the same amazing program that have helped so many reach their goals.



Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, FAMU, 2000

Exercise & Nutrition, FSU, 1994-1998

Trainer for Weight Loss Reality TV, 2007-present

Boot Camp Trainer, 2008 - present

Health Club Owner, 2000 - present

Kickboxing Instructor/Aerobics Instructor, 1995 to present

Competitive Bodybuilder 1992 - 2008


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Bonnie Pfiester

Bonnie and Steve knew fitness was going to be their future the first 3 months they were dating in 1993. As they gazed in a brand new club about to open in Palm Beach, they had dreams of opening their own club someday. Bonnie took her first personal training course, American College of Sports Medicine, at FSU with Steve in 1995.


Bonnie serves on the advisory board for Sears Fitness, the nations' #1 fitness retailer. Working at her first health club at 19, Bonnie now runs 2 health clubs and leads one of the nation's most successful boot camp programs. Bonnie shares her passion for fitness and education through her fitness column in Vero's local newspaper as well as over a dozen online publications. Bonnie was named "American Most Fit Health Club Professional" by Club Solutions Industry, recognizing Bonnie practices what she preaches.


Bonnie's passion is helping people "get" fitness - giving practical tips on how to live and eat healthy, how to conquer fears and how to lose weight once and for all. Together, Steve and Bonnie deliver one of the most effective programs in the nation, recognized in Fitness Magazine, US Today, Club Solutions Magazine, Club Insider News, LA Times and much more!


The Pfiesters look forward to watching BCx spread all across America! Welcome to the BCx family! "We hope it changes your lives and many lives around you like it has ours!" Bonnie Pfiester


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