The GET PFIT eBook: SMALL Changes for BIG Results

This book was specifically written for our local BCx Boot Campers. It was so successful, we decided to make it available for our online BCxers too! This book is packed with simple truths and helpful analogies to help you "get" diet and fitness like you've never understood it before. It's a small investment of time and money for a BIG reward.


All the tips you need to succeed, in less than 15,000 words!

Discover the Freedom of Eating to Live, Instead of Living to Eat

Learn How to Manage Calories, Proteins, Carbs & Fats

Find out How Many Calories You Burn & How Many You Need to Reach Your Goals

Grasp the Checks and Balances of Your Body's Bank Account

Understand Diet Facts, Myths and Mistakes
Beat Your Brain: Failing is Only in Your Head

Get Tips to Setting Realistic Goals

Understand When to Exercise and How to Fuel Your Body

Get Tips to Avoiding Self Sabotage

Enjoy Helpful Workout Resources

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