BCx is a Results based program

BCx is a raw, in your face, tell it like it is, face the facts, step it up, get-r-done, no more quick fixes, change for life, get results, type of program! BCx is broadminded training in a competitive industry of narrow-minded fitness trends and beliefs. With this platform, this means BCx is always changing, growing, adding, never complacent and NEVER BORING!



The comprehensive program offers components of some of the best training offered around the world including the same exercises used in P90x, CrossFit, military boot camp, fitness boot camp, sports conditioning training, plyometrics, resistance training, power yoga, kickboxing, obstacle training and much more!


BCx is NOT a performance driven program

Meaning, it doesn't matter how fast you are or how strong you are. What matters is that you give YOUR 100%. Although there is accountability, challenges and performance based exercises, all that matters is YOU improve, not that you beat someone else. This program is all about making changes, learning how to control your body and reaching your personal goals.



BCx's newest workout - BCx TREADZ Extreme Treadmill

Experience an intense full body workout using a treadmill at only .5 - 1.5 miles per hour. You will never look at a boring old treadmill the same. Steve will teach you how to work the glutes, chest, arms, core and legs - all by using simple moves on any basic treadmill. Just when you thought you should sell that dusty treadmill that you've used for a clothes rack more than burning calories! Dust that baby off, because we are about to transform your old treadmill to a body transformation machine!


BCx Tread Trainer Training & DVD available soon!





Now Filming BCx TREADZ

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ACTION SHOTS: Experience the most variety a fitness program could offer including...


Bodyweight Training

Obstacle Course Training

Practical & Task-Related Training

Xtreme Yoga

Resistance Training



Butt and Legs

Races, Challenges, Relays and More

Treadmill Training

Diet Education



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The BCx Program Philosophy

"You don't have to BE FIT to do BCx,

you just have to want to GET FIT!"

BCx is packed with

VARIETY, making BCx exciting,

EXPERIENCE, making BCx effective,

KNOWLEDGE, helping peolple get results and SUPPORT, offering participants accountability.