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"We are so pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Bonnie and Steve Pfiester to introduce BCx Boot Camp to our club. The program brings a new dimension to our wide array of training and motivating programs for our members. The dynamic team effort of the program has brought members together to work for a common goal. The testimonials they have sent us and their feedback have shown us that BCx has changed their lives. Former boot campers bring constant referrals and quite often are continual repeaters. In addition to getting fit they have made new friends and stayed motivated and excited with their workouts. Bonnie & Steve are phenomenal, well educated professionals that bring and energy and excitement whenever they are around." - Jill Merrell, Owner of Ultima Fitness



What you can expect: Happy Members Who Can't WAIT to Tell Their Story!


"Where do I begin, BCx changed my whole way of thinking about diet and excecise, you can't do one without the other. The support from this program was amazing and that is what made me stick with it and loose 20lbs and keep it off!" Dawn Borders, BCx at Home @ 

"BCX changed the way I think -- about exercise, food, and myself!"

Nadine Armstrong, Longevity Fitness Club & Spa

"BCx has helped me get into the kind of shape I never thought I would be in again, through Bonnie and Steve's selfless support and incredible training program."  Bradley Grinnen - BCx at Home @

BCx was my first boot camp "BCx changed my body, my mindset & my life; starting as a bootcamper then finding a passion to help others succeed has been one of the most positive changes in my life!!" Cristina McDaniel, Ex-BCx Boot Camper - now Certified BCx Trainer

"As I approached the end of the program I thought: No, wait. I. Want. More! BCx Boot Camp was an awesome experience. I am a more confident, fit, muscular, energetic Sarah Kay Hoffman. Plus, I have a “no fear” frame-of-mind to match (goodbye, complacency!) And my journey won’t end here—I’ve linked in to a supportive community of BCxers . We’re a movement! Join us today!" Sarah Kay Hoffman, BCx at Home @
"I'm lost 50 lbs, but the best part is that I've kept it off for over a year. I know there are bootcampers who’ve done the same. This program has pushed me to physical limits and has given me the confidence to believe I can accomplish anything I set my mind to! " Shanon, Max Fitness Club
I've been toying around with some other workouts. Basically some strength training with resistance bands and a little bit of cardio here and there, and not on a daily basis. But, I keep finding myself jumping back to this BCx stuff. Bonnie and Steve Pfiester have officially addicted me to their style of complete and total self-afflicted ass kicking. I am very proud to say that I have finally weighed in at under 200 lbs. this week! This is the first time in over 10 years that I have had a weight under that mark. MAJOR GOAL achieved. Nick Collins, BCx at Home @

"Thanks to your program and your great advice and support; I've lost 38 pounds! Add to that, 4 inches off the waist and hips, and I'm a pretty happy girl! Actually, I'm not quite done, the pounds just keep coming off; 1 - 2 a week steadily. How can I ever thank you enough for getting me started?" Anita, Tallahassee, Florida - Weekend Boot Camp Retreat at Costa d' Este

"You guys are so awesome and have made such an impact on so many lives. So many of them have seen that they can change the way their bodies look and how they feel! They bring that home and it impacts their families. You have started a quiet revolution." Kerrie Coleman, Max Fitness Club

"Just thought I would tell you how my family has enjoyed the boot camp. By day 3 I did not think I could go back but I did - and now I am in my 4th week and love it. My husband is doing exercises I thought he would never do and he has lost 18 pounds and feel better than ever. Thanks!" Natalynn Cintron, Ultima Fitness

"It has given me nice workout routine, what is doable at home. Perfect for times, when going to gym is not possible. Plus its doable in gym :)" Evelin Virnas - BCx at Home @

BCx showed me that my body is capable of doing so much more than I ever thought possible and has given me an enthusiasm for fitness that has filtered down to my children as well!!! Sue Minuse, Max Fitness Club
I loved all the trainers (they were very motivating). I also really liked the communication and ability to converse when ever needed with quick responses (Thx Lynette!). The program itself overall is wonderful. I liked when the Daily Missions repeated themselves…it was nice to know what you were in for. Andrea Ultima Fitness
 I am 44 years old. Four short weeks ago, I weighed 223 lbs. Today I weigh 211 pounds. It took 10 years to put on an extra 30 pounds, but it took only four weeks to shave nearly half of the weight off—and get stronger at the same time. I would recommend BCx to anyone interested in losing weight and getting in shape. Again, these missions are not easy, but they are worth it. Christopher Boders,  BCx at Home @
This has been a great experience and I just love the challenge and eager to see what the new session will bring. Thank you very much for bringing us these great opportunities!!! You are awesome!! Donna, Ultima Fitness
" I lost over 20 lbs of fat in boot camp, and feel better then I have ever felt. I loved it! Get ready to cry, be sore, and be to tired to even pick up the phone at work...But I guarantee you will see results.” Deidre, Longevity Fitness Club & Spa


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Feature Story on BCx Boot Camp in Club Insider News

Fitness Boot Camps Prove to be an Investment with BIG Returns
by Bonnie Pfiester, published in the Club Insider News 2009

Five years ago we were investing in new gym equipment. Now, we are investing in members - and as members get smaller, profits get bigger. Here is my story of how Boot Camp has impacted our business.

In September of 2007, my husband, Steve Pfiester, appeared as a trainer for a weight loss reality TV show for ABC, our all-ladies club in Vero Beach, FL was thriving, and people from across the nation were reaching out for help. This was what we always had dreamed of – to build a platform to impact as many lives as possible.

Flooded with emails and messages on networking sites, we realized reality TV had truly made an impact on America. Reality TV taught people losing weight and getting fit was achievable, but it just took work. Steve and I quickly learned people were willing to give up almost anything to get fit – and this was how our Boot Camp program was born.

Sure, boot camps were already going on across the nation, but we envisioned something greater than a class with the boot camp name attached to it. We wanted to create an experience. We began taking test subjects through the most grueling workouts our fitness minds could think of.

In the middle of birthing our new boot camp program, Steve was cast as a trainer for another reality series called Bridal Bootcamp. His team, of future brides, was about to be his newest test subjects. They were complete at his mercy and Steve had the time of his life.

Back home, we were gearing up for our first 6-week Boot Camp program at Longevity Fitness Club & Spa. Steve came back in town to kick off the program and neither one of us was prepared for what we were about to experience.

When we first created the program, or goal was to enroll 30-40 people. To our disbelief, nearly 100 people showed up the day of orientation that day. If that wasn’t amazing enough, Steve, dressed in army fatigues, put them through a workout that made some puke and others cry. When it came time to enroll everyone, I thought surely we would lose half the group due to the pure intensity of the program. To my surprise, almost everyone enrolled that day and our club has never been the same.

Fast-forwarding two years, we’ve put over a thousand people through our program and we currently have 147 people enrolled in our newest Boot Camp program called BCx. Our boot camp profit center was initially planned to run twice a year. As of May 1st, we are currently on our 7th program this year and we plan to have many more to come.

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What Members Are Saying:

"WOW! I never thought exercise could be this much fun!"

"I lost 6 lbs of fat and gained 3lbs muscle in 2 weeks!"

"This is the most amazing thing I've ever been a part of!"

"I've gone from a size 12 jean to a 6! Thanks so much!"
"I'm doing things now I didn't think were ever possible."
"Holy Fat Melting Batman! Boot camp is kicking our butts!"
"I've never felt so good and had so much energy."
"I can't wait to do the next BCx boot camp!"

"BCx has completely changed my life - forever"

"Thank you SO MUCH for providing a  phenomenal program with BCx! This was my first Boot Camp experience and it was outstanding. I met even more amazing people & I'm in Top Notch shape! Thank you!!"  Tracie Futch

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