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BCx Boot Camp Introduces BCx Treadz!
The newest, most creative treadmill workout on the planet!

Dust off your old treadmill! BCx Treadz™ will bring your treadmill back to life and work your body in ways you never imagined! With our BCx Treadz™ exercises, you can tone your entire body using various weight-bearing treadmill exercises.

Created by celebrity trainer, Steve Pfiester, BCx Treadz™ is creative treadmill training that uses the slow, safe pace of the belt to pace your workouts, challenge your fitness, and transform your physique.

If you thought treadmill workouts were boring, think again! Our 4-part video series will teach you how to make the most of your treadmill to tone specific body parts while burning fat.




The BCx Program Philosophy: "You don't have to BE FIT to do BCx,  you just have to want to GET FIT!"