"WOW! I never thought working out could be this much fun!"
"I have gone from a size 12 jean to a 6! Thanks so much!!"
"This is the most amazing thing I've ever been a part of!"
"I'm doing things now I didn't think were ever possible."
"Holy Fat Melting Batman! Boot camp is kicking our butts!"
"I've never felt so good and had so much energy."
"I can't wait to do the next Longevity boot camp!"





"Where do I begin, BCx changed my whole way of thinking about diet and exercise, you can't do one without the other. The support from this program was amazing and that is what made me stick with it and loose 20lbs and keep it off!" Dawn Borders, BCx at Home @ FitStudio.com 

"BCX changed the way I think -- about exercise, food, and myself!"

Nadine Armstrong, Longevity Fitness Club & Spa

"BCx has helped me get into the kind of shape I never thought I would be in again, through Bonnie and Steve's selfless support and incredible training program."  Bradley Grinnen - BCx at Home @ FitStudio.com

BCx was my first boot camp "BCx changed my body, my mindset & my life; starting as a bootcamper then finding a passion to help others succeed has been one of the most positive changes in my life!!" Cristina McDaniel, Ex-BCx Boot Camper - now Certified BCx Trainer

"As I approached the end of the program I thought: No, wait. I. Want. More! BCx Boot Camp was an awesome experience. I am a more confident, fit, muscular, energetic Sarah Kay Hoffman. Plus, I have a “no fear” frame-of-mind to match (goodbye, complacency!) And my journey won’t end here—I’ve linked in to a supportive community of BCxers . We’re a movement! Join us today!" Sarah Kay Hoffman, BCx at Home @ FitStudio.com
"I lost 50 lbs, but the best part is that I've kept it off for over a year. I know there are bootcampers who’ve done the same. This program has pushed me to physical limits and has given me the confidence to believe I can accomplish anything I set my mind to! " Shanon, Max Fitness Club
"I've been toying around with some other workouts. Basically some strength training with resistance bands and a little bit of cardio here and there, and not on a daily basis. But, I keep finding myself jumping back to this BCx stuff. Bonnie and Steve Pfiester have officially addicted me to their style of complete and total self-afflicted ass kicking. I am very proud to say that I have finally weighed in at under 200 lbs. this week! This is the first time in over 10 years that I have had a weight under that mark. MAJOR GOAL achieved." Nick Collins, BCx at Home @ FitStudio.com

"Thanks to your program and your great advice and support; I've lost 38 pounds! (That's 10 more than since the last time I saw you.) Add to that, 4 inches off the waist and hips, and I'm a pretty happy girl! Actually, I'm not quite done, the pounds just keep coming off; 1 - 2 a week steadily. How can I ever thank you enough for getting me started?" Anita, Tallahassee, Florida - Weekend Boot Camp Retreat at Costa d' Este

"You guys are so awesome and have made such an impact on so many lives. So many of them have seen that they can change the way their bodies look and how they feel! They bring that home and it impacts their families. You have started a quiet revolution." Kerrie Coleman, Max Fitness Club

"Just thought I would tell you how my family has enjoyed the boot camp. By day 3 I did not think I could go back but I did - and now I am in my 4th week and love it. My husband is doing exercises I thought he would never do and he has lost 18 pounds and feel better than ever. Thanks!" Natalynn Cintron, Ultima Fitness

"It has given me nice workout routine, what is doable at home. Perfect for times, when going to gym is not possible. Plus its doable in gym :)" Evelin Virnas - BCx at Home @ FitStudio.com

BCx showed me that my body is capable of doing so much more than I ever thought possible and has given me an enthusiasm for fitness that has filtered down to my children as well!!! Sue Minuse, Max Fitness Club
I loved all the trainers (they were very motivating). I also really liked the communication and ability to converse when ever needed with quick responses (Thx Lynette!). The program itself overall is wonderful. I liked when the Daily Missions repeated themselves…it was nice to know what you were in for. Andrea Ultima Fitness
 I am 44 years old. Four short weeks ago, I weighed 223 lbs. Today I weigh 211 pounds. It took 10 years to put on an extra 30 pounds, but it took only four weeks to shave nearly half of the weight off—and get stronger at the same time. I would recommend BCx to anyone interested in losing weight and getting in shape. Again, these missions are not easy, but they are worth it. Christopher Boders,  BCx at Home @ FitStudio.com
This has been a great experience and I just love the challenge and eager to see what the new session will bring. Thank you very much for bringing us these great opportunities!!! You are awesome!! Donna, Ultima Fitness
" I lost over 20 lbs of fat in boot camp, and feel better then I have ever felt. I loved it! Get ready to cry, be sore, and be to tired to even pick up the phone at work...But I guarantee you will see results.” Deidre, Longevity Fitness Club & Spa
“I went through boot camp and got a kick right where I needed it. I’m more confident and can look in the mirror again. The support was amazing. I can proudly say I went from a size 16 to a 10. Not only does that feel good, but I now can go to the beach with my little ones and not be embarrassed.” Vivian, Max Fitness Club
Wow! That's the only way to describe the results of BCx Boot Camp. I've gained so much strength and endurance! Instead of going into the new year with a few pounds to lose, I've actually lost weight during the holiday season! Sarah Swenson, Ultima Fitness
“I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed the pain! Some people have a job, but you all exude your love and happiness in what you do. Your ability to motivate, educate, and make people work hard has not been experienced by me in any other program. Thanks so much for all you are doing to make me (us) more healthy and happy” John E., Max Fitness Club
When I did my first boot camp I was so worried I couldn't keep up with the younger girls. I'm 52. Even though I've been a member of Longevity for over 5 years I’d become complacent with my workouts. In boot camp I lost 9.6% body fat and almost 14 lbs. if I can do it anyone can! " Barb, Longevity Fitness Club & Spa
I was on the eve of my 49th birthday when I saw the ads for boot camp. I was worried that I could not handle it. Would it make me stronger or defeat me? Make me feel older or give me a sense of power and purpose? After the first class, I knew the answers. Boot camp was awesome. It was fun, hard, exhausting and uplifting all at the same time. I could not wait for each class. It did not matter that we were all at different levels of fitness. Everyone wanted each person to do their best and improve their physical strength. After four weeks, I felt stronger and more determined than ever. Dr. Debra Weinstein, Ultima Fitness
"WOW! I never thought working out could be this much fun! I’m so thankful for this experience. I feel great (after my ice packs and Motrin at night). Having so many people involved cheering you along is awesome! Heather, Max Fitness Club
"Through the last two boot camps, I lost 63 pounds and gained a new self respect. The accountability and structure of the classes are one of the best features of the boot camp, as well as the instructor’s knowledge and input. I huffed and puffed, and even felt embarrassed at times, but each day that I went back I got a little stronger, a little thinner, and I realized that with hard work and commitment I could get results. You CAN DO IT TOO!" Alex, Longevity Fitness Club & Spa

Doing BCx bootcamp as a family, we would leave, have dinner and just have fun conversations about what we did and what we accomplished. It has meant something different for each of us. For my husband it was getting him back into an exercise routine and losing weight. For me it was pushing myself out of my comfort zone. For Sydney it was to build endurance and muscle. We all completed our goals and are excited for the next one. Natalynn Cintron, Ultima Fitness


Blogging about BCx

"Holy Sweat Fest", Gene Soboleski genesoboleski.blogspot.com
A few months back i was introduced to some extreme boot camp exercises that had been created by Bonnie and Steve Pfiester from Longevity Max Fitness Club. They are gym owners in south Florida and really nice folks. I met them during a twitter chat called #Fitstudio. They are very personable, answer questions from us little people, and listen to what we have to say. All that having been said, one thing still remains true: They love to kick your azz. And I mean that in the best way possible.


They’ve developed an Extreme BCx Boot Camp program (you’ll see me tweet with the #DoBCx hashtag) that, for the most part, uses only your body weight against you. Sound easy? Here is a sample of PART of Week One, Day One of BCX Boot Camp over at Sears FitStudio: The Bomb 20 Alternating Forward Lunges, 20 Squats, 10 Burpees, 1-minute Jump Rope, 20 Alternating Forward Lunges (Reverse in direction), 20 Jumping Jacks, 10 Burpees & 1-minute Wall-Sit. Complete 3 sets and record your time at the end!

Go ahead, try it. I’ll wait. But just like Towlie says, “don’t forget to bring a towel". I went through several days of the program, but because I have a tough time sticking to any schedule, I didn’t stay with it the whole time. I should have. At any rate, I am still a big fan of the workouts (especially since they require NO equipment!). Every so often I’ll toss one in there for a cross training day. So when I saw a tweet last week, suggesting that some people give a new program a try, I printed it out and got ready to do just that. It is called “the Nooner'” because it can be done during your lunch hour, or more accurately, during your lunch half hour. Trust me, you’ll need the second half to shower. Holy. Sweat-fest...READ MORE



Sarah Takes on BCx Boot Camp www.sarahkayhoffman.com

Before I launched this fitness effort, I was in good shape. Good—not great. I mean, I’ve run half marathons. I have a super-active lifestyle, and I eat a healthy, gluten-free diet. Still, I needed a little oomph in the workout department—something that would challenge my body in a new way and connect me to likeminded, supportive people. I didn’t have to look far to find what I needed. Enter BCx Boot Camp!

Rude awakening
- The fist week of BCx “missions” were brutal. I could barely move after my workouts. Muscles I didn’t know I had felt sore. Even the tiny tendons in my feet ached (as a distance runner, I thought my feet were used to taking a beating—apparently not!). I’d wake up feeling so whipped that I wondered how I’d accomplish the day’s “mission.” But I did, and I kept returning for more punishment. Am I insane for doing this? I wondered. Yes, and secretly, I loved it!

Make progress, not excuses
- By week two, the soreness in my body began to let up, and my performance in missions improved. I felt myself getting fitter. Then something unexpected happened: I started to think differently. The whining and self-doubt I engaged in before was now unacceptable. I really started to believe in myself as an athlete. People don’t realize how important it is to have positive thoughts. This is a lesson I...READ MORE


FAQ and Answers with Brad http://padrebradley.blogspot.com

I’ve gotten several questions from several of you who are starting BCx on Monday with me. So I thought I’d make this little note for everyone to answer most of the questions. For example: “Why are you so verbal about BCx and why have you invited so many people to join you in another round of BCx?” To put it simply, this worked for me. It has helped to transform my body and my habits. So I’m excited about it, and as most of you know, if I am excited about something I talk about it with my friends. That’s why I’ve extended an open invitation for anyone to join me for 4 weeks of pain and transformation. Ok, some of you I called and pestered.

Here are 5 things that helped me and what will help you to get the most out of the next 4 weeks of BCx:


1. Introduce yourselves on the forums and encourage each other. Sure you can do this alone without ever showing up on the forums. But I had the greatest motivation and accountability through interacting with real people on the forums. Just knowing that other people are keeping the same kinds of commitments as you are and that they are experiencing the same challenges was huge for me. Plus, you can take total advantage of the knowledge of Bonnie and Steve, the trainers. They are always there for help and...READ MORE



Back in Action, post by Nick teamfitnick.blogspot.com

One workout down, twenty-three more to go. Day 1 of BCx Boot Camp is now history... well, sort of. I did my workout @ 5:00am EST and I still have a full days worth of insane soreness to deal with in my lower extremities. (Yes, I'm happy about it). This was my first workout in more than 30 days, so it was definitely a rough one. I'll be completely honest, half way through, I wanted to quit. I did not believe I could make it through. But I pushed through.

I did weigh in yesterday, but did not get to my measurements. My beautiful wife will be assisting me with this dirty task this evening. As I said before, I will post my before and after weight and measurements after I complete the program, but will NOT re-measure or jump on the scale until I'm done.


All right, I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but I need to just say it. I HATE BURPEES! For those of you that do not...READ MORE



God help me, I need motivation!, post by Bradley http://padrebradley.blogspot.com
I have always lacked when it comes to motivation for getting my workout in each day. I will gladly run on the basketball or tennis court for hours. I am always willing to give my all for an intense 2-hour ultimate Frisbee match or a great game of flag football. However, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve awoken in the morning and thought to myself… “I just can’t wait to work out today!” It gets worse too; the closer I get to the time I’ve set aside for my workout. It becomes the last thing I want to do, just before I am supposed to start. Of course, by the time I’m finishing up my session I am so high from the endorphins and feel so good that I’m thrilled that I spent my time pushing myself.

Now that I’ve admitted that I entirely lack an interior motivation for working out, allow me to share 3 things that have absolutely helped to keep me on track.

TIP 1: Strike while the fire is hot! No matter what time of the day it is, if I have any flicker of an inclination to workout, I try to drop whatever I’m doing and get my workout mission in ASAP. Some days this is impossible due to my schedule and my career. However, I know that if I don’t get my workout in when I sense a little desire, the probability that I will miss my workout all together increases by about 50%. So I bend over backwards at those times to READ MORE



My BCx Challenge Experience, post by Shari fittalknews.com

After making it through the first week of BCX, my 2nd week into the challenge fared much better although I wasn’t liking the burpees any better.  Although the warm up got easier, the 2 minutes of jumping rope that is part of the warm up still kicked my butt and although my calves knees and shins were doing better than after the first week, they still weren’t very happy.

My time improved over the first week, and yes, I did push out more burpees although I will admit, I wasn’t able to complete the required reps and ended up subbing out squat thrusts again when I just couldn’t “burp” no more. As for the 1 mile run, at times, my mind would again start telling me the same thing it always does whenever I get on a treadmill …. this is so boring, this sucks, hurry up and be done with this, I’m ready to be done ….. but I sucked it up, and even tried increasing my pace a few times.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s not like I’m not capable of running a mile. I’m not fatigued or winded. Mentally, I get bored .Reading the twitter posts from my fellow BCXers, it seemed like they were all having fun and really...READ MORE.



I'm a BCx Success, by Christopher www.facebook.com/cpborders

My name is Christopher Borders. I am 44 years old. Four short weeks ago, I weighed 223 lbs. Today I weigh 211 pounds. It took 10 years to put on an extra 30 pounds, but it took only four weeks to shave nearly half of the weight off—and get stronger at the same time.

How did I do it? What made me change?
I’d always been pretty active, or at least I thought I was. I biked and kayaked and hiked. I spent weekends camping and ATV-ing. But my activity level was not enough to compensate for the amount of calories I was eating. Therefore, slowly but surely, I gained weight. I needed to try something more intense. That’s when I met Bonnie Pfiester on Twitter. She introduced me to a four week program she and her husband, Steve, developed called BCx Boot Camp. It was available for free through the Sears Fitness Website called FitStudio. I didn’t hesitate, and...READ MORE.


How to Feed Your Fire - snipits of Kelly Olexa's BCx experiences, Kelly O Show Blog

DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO WHINE ABOUT NO GYM, NOT A LOT OF $$ OR NO BOOKS/DVDS TO FOLLOW. There are so many FREE options for you. YouTube has a boatload of videos out there and hello some of my BFFs have videos on there (many that I've shared) that will really help you get your sweat on!! I've shared some kick butt videos from Steve Pfiester (who is also one of our FitFluential Ambassadors!) like their BCx Lower Body Mission. I do this one REGULARLY and I curse at Steve more each time.


And--- because Steve and Bonnie are also members of the Sears FitStudio team-- you'll find some of their KICK BUTT "BCX BOOTCAMP" workouts- designed for you by day- FUUUHHRREEE that's FREE on FitStudio.com. What's the catch? Oh yea, there isn't one. This ain't no joke people! I dare you to do this tomorrow. KILLER. I was crying during this but sooo killer.


Notice- no equipment needed. This is a portable workout- can be done anywhere and will smoke your lower body. NO EXCUSES!!



WANT TO SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE OR BLOG? Email Us so you can encourage other BCxers with your story.




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"BCx was definitely one of the best boot camp programs I have done. It challenged me everyday. The trainers were so motivational; it felt like we were all in this together as a team, pushing one another to do their best. BCx improved my body, endurance, and strength. There is no other program as fun and motivational as BCx!!!!"

Stephanie, Ultima Fitness Wellington, FL